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Are you sick of fighting your horse?

Tried all the 'methods' with no success?

Frustrated and scared? Losing your joy and confidence?

Let me help you regain your trust in yourself and your horse.

Hi, I'm Franziska and I'm the co-owner and manager of Swiwifarm. For over a decade I have specialized in working with challenging horses using a holistic approach. I don't teach a method - I aim to gain a mutual understanding!


Let us work together with your horse to understand the reasons for their behavior and to allow us to communicate in a way that fosters trust, teamwork and joy between you and your horse.

Ready to start your growth journey?

Get in contact now to start building your mutual trust

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Are you tired of not understanding your horse?

Worried of making a mistake and hurting them?


Are you frustrated with the 'quick fixes' and the endless 'special gear'?

Sick of feeling not good enough and being afraid of your horse?


Do you seek that HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIP with your horse?

Dreaming of TRUST and FREEDOM while working with them?


Let me support you and your horse on your journey to regain your CONFIDENCE and TRUST in one another and rebuild a harmonious PARTNERSHIP

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Online Sessions

Prop your phone on the fence or give it to your friend to hold while you are online with me. Together we can work on your chosen topic to foster a better understanding between you and your horse.

Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia


Face-to-Face Sessions

I can travel to you or if you are local you can use our facilities here in Oxford, New Zealand for a face to face lesson. This allows me to be more hands-on to help you and your horse on your journey.

Image by Lola Delabays

Join the Com-Passionate Horsewomen Community

Join our Facebook group to ask questions, join live Q&A sessions and view in-focus videos on selected topics. 

This is a great place to support one another and grow our understanding of our horses.

Ready to start your growth journey?

Thanks for submitting! And best of luck...:D


Owner of Frami

"The lessons we had with you have been extremely helpful in the way I ride Frami.

Most of the time I can ride him with loose reins and he remains calm without taking off which is a far cry from how he was.


Thanks heaps."


Owner of Heykir

"Thanks so much for coming down, was so amazing to see you and work with you! [...} You need to teach the world about horses. You're the only one that makes sense and I've had A LOT of teachers!!"


Owner of Tyja

"Thanks for today I really enjoyed it. [...] So much fun! We went really well and Tyja loved it! She was doing a few bits of the faster tolt on the way around."

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Ready to start your growth journey?

Thanks for submitting! And best of luck...:D

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